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Enterprise Data Models for Retail   

This Data Model is a variation of the Retail Customers Model.

The Specifications are available for review.

We start by agreeing a Statement of Business Objectives to establish the scope of the Enterprise Data Model.

Once we have agreed the Statement of Business Objectives we can create a draft Top-Level Model with associated Subject Areas, each of which is shown in its own Model.

This is an example of a Statement of Business Objectives for a Retail organization :-
"Our Business objectives are to offer a wide range of affordable Products.
We will control costs to achieve maximum profit potential from a wide range of affordable Products which are sourced
on a 'just-in-time' basis tailored to our target market, with specific Customer profiles.
The Enterprise Data Model will establish the data available for a Data Warehouse to meet Business Intelligence requirements."

Simplified Business Data Model

Simplified Conceptual Data Model for Retail

------------------------- Business Data Model

Business Enterprise Data Model for Retail

Corresponding Logical Data Model

ERwin Logical Enterprise Data Model for Retail

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July 24th. 2015

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