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Data Model for a Customer Data Platform for KPIs   
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The Specifications for this Data Model have been derived from page 10 of the Oracle document entitled "The Digital Finance Imperative"

This document contains some very interesting statements, including (on page 10) :-
"Finance executives point to the need to identify new KPIs, even if they need to evolve."
Richard Wong, VP of Finance for LinkedIn, says
"The worst thing you can do is not have any KPIs.
In the beginning, your KPIs may be very simple.
It's okay as you mature and evolve to change your KPIs."
The implication (for me) is very simple and confirms the need for a Data Warehouse and Data Marts to provide the data for the KPIs.
Click here to see the 20 Industies for which we have prepared Off-the-Shelf Data Warehouses and Data Marts for the KPIs.
The Data Model for the Customer Master Index (CMI) is discussed here

Conceptual Data Model

Conceptual Data Model
Logical Data Model

Logical Data Model

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
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Feb 21th. 2017

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