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Data Model for a Customer Data Platform for Corporate and Marketing   
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In November, 2017 David Raab was instrumental in founding the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) to work on the
specifications of a Customer Data Platform(CDP).
One of the core benefits of a CDP was defined as a 'Unified Customer View' which corresponds to my 'CMI'
Another of the benefits was 'Enhanced cross-channel analytics' which was defined as 'analysis of the customer journey
across any channel

One of the components was 'to collect as much customer interaction data as possible '.
The Data Model for the Customer Master Index (CMI) is discussed here
The CDP recommends recommends the "CDP-plus-partner package" approach when looking for a CDP package.
Possible Partners include :-
  • Agileone (Watford, UK) (incl Cust Exp) done
  • Blueshift (No UK presence)
  • Redeye (MK) done
  • Reprint done
  • Salesforce
  • Tealium (Reading, IP - incl.Eventstream, UDH, S'fce)

    Corporate and Marketing Customer Data Platforms

    Four Layers in the Marketing
    Customer Data Platform

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    November 21st. 2017

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