Data Model for a Customer Data Platform (for Digital Transformation)
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Conceptual Data Model
CMI and SVOC are provided by Oracle's Customer Hub.

Customer Data Platform
CDP Architecture

A Single View of the Customer from Acxiom

Single Customer View
Run-Time Architecture

Customer Data Platform
Conceptual Data Model

Customer Data Platform
Innometrics Data Sources
Here's an interesting perspective on 'How it Works' from Innometrics

Innometrics Data Sources
Logical Data Model

Closer to Apex

Logical Data Model
Potential Partners
  • Domo
  • Dream Factory (Architecture)
  • Innometrics (see below - office in Regent street)
  • Oracle BI Analytics
  • Redpoint (Luton) - looks good
  • Tealium (Reading)
  • Umbel
    Here's a great Paper from David Raab dated April, 2013, about a new class of system called "the Customer Data Platform"
  • Getting Started with Self-Service
    --------Using Domo ---------------------------using ORCL
    --------with Social Media ---------------------with Barry's KPI Framework
    Approach to a Customer Data Platform
    I am helping a number of Clients to undertake a digital transformation program, with a strategic commitment to be more customer centric.

    The challenge is to evolve from being a product driven, B2B business into a services and contractual business with an evolution to become a B2C business model.

    To achieve these goals, a programme has been established to drive a Customer focused CRM initiative, involving the implementation of Oracle EBS, SAP and Salesforce.

    A team consisting of internal stakeholders and SMEs is usually created and can be augmented with additional skills in CRM, Data Governance, Data Modelling and Architecture.
    I sometimes recommend 'Getting Started with Self-Service, by Gooogling for 'Self-Service a Customer Data Platform'.
    This usually starts by building a Customer Data Platform
    The UK Government has a good blog on "Building a Platform"

    Functions of a CDP include :-

  • Collect and reconcile customer data about identities, profiles, purchase history, preferences, and transactions
  • Transform and augment this data into a 360 view of the customer with context, intentions, relationships, and interactions
  • Turn data into insights, with segments, scores, forecasts and recommendations
  • Connect in real time to the customer touch-points and turn those insights into increased conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Our Plans
    The comments on the right will help you understand
    our plans for our Customer Data Platform.

    We will be adding Data Models for
  • a 'Do-it-Yourself' Customer's Journey
  • a Single Customer View
    Features include :-
  • Cross-device Profiles
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Touchpoints, including Online, offline, Mobile and Internet
  • Disparate Data Sources
  • Internet of Things
  • Omnichanel Customer Segmentation
  • Unified Customer View
    Interesting external links include :-
  • Progress Software asks What's your Plan ?
  • We have included features from :-
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping (Basic) and (Complex).
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Master Index
  • CRM Customer Metrics
  • Know your Customer
    Our Customer Experience Management Layer ensures a consistent User Interrface.
    Proof-of-Concept (POC)
    Priorities :-
    1) Create Reference Data
    2) Create Master Data
    3) Create Transaction Data
    4) Create Generic (Data) Platform
    Development Environment :-
    Oracle Login(dba/m3)
    Development Tools :-
    We will develop PoC Applications using Oracle with Apex and SQL, IoT and reviewed against (alphabetically) :-
  • Domo
  • IBM Bluemix Garage in London
  • NetSuite
  • Salesforce
    In the Conceptual Data Model on the left We have incorporated Data Models for :-
  • Know your Customer
  • Customer Journey Mapping

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