Customer Data Platform for Digital Transformation
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Our Approach

We have built on our expertise in Customer-related
Data Models, including :-
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping (Basic) and (Complex).
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • CRM Customer Metrics
  • Know your Customer
    Our Customer Experience Management Layer ensures
    a consistent User Interface.

    Our Platform is built using Oracle's Apex Data-as-a-Service
    and incorporates Domo, the Business Data Management Platform.
  • Features
  • Customer Master Register
  • Single View of a Customer
  • Assemble customer data from multiple sources
  • Consolidate it by customer
  • Place it in an analytics-friendly format
  • run predictive models against it
  • Respond in real time to recommendation requests from other systems
  • Include data from Web sites, email, banner ads, and call centers
  • Blog by David Raab
  • Potential Partners
  • Domo
  • Oracle BI Analytics
  • Redpoint (Luton) - looks good
  • Tealium (Reading)
  • Umbel

  • Oracle links :-
    Oracle Customer Hub Does this provide CMI, ODS and SVOC ?
    in other words, multiple sources of data, including Social Media.

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