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Church Donations
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The Specifications have been defined by Scott in the following terms :-


I am trying to create a schema for a church donation database project I am working on.  

If you could help - jumpstart me in the right direction - I would appreciate it.  

I've read several, and am reading more of your tutorials and find them to be very informative.  

I just might be making this a lot more complicated than is needed.  

Here are the entities as I see it, please fill in the spaces..........
The project will be web based where "users" can create an account and log in to make donations to 
one-to-many churches in our association(which is actually a world wide organization).  

The churches are arranged in regions, and within the region the churches are grouped in conferences.  

So - a conference will contain 2 or more individual churches.
A "user" can donate money to one or more churches.  

The donation can be designated to one-to-many funds sponsored by the church.
I will have to store data about the donation (and possible split) a give an accounting statement 
quarterly and yearly.
Any help and guidance you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Scott Smith

From these Specifications, we can see that the Things of Interest are :-
  • Accounts
  • Churches
  • Conferences
  • Donations
  • Funds
  • Users
How are these Things related ? :-
  • An Account is associated with one and only one User.
  • A User can have one or many Accounts.
  • A User can make zero, one or many Donations.
  • A Donation can be plits between several Funds.
Barry Williams Principal Consultant May 27th. 2009 Database Answers Ltd. London, England
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