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Conceptual Data Model with Event Sequences

Conceptual Data Model
Data Platforms

Generic Data Platform
Conceptual Hotel Events

Hotel EVents
Logical Hotel Events

Logical Hotel Events
Logical Data Model (for Database)

Logical Data Model
Conceptual Data Model and M-V-C
On July 4th. 2016 I added Channels because we live in a Digital Age and Multi-Channel world.On December 10th. I added M-V-C.

. Conceptual Data Model
Dimensional Model

   Dimensional Model
ERwin ERD Logical Data Model Oct 6th.

   ERwin Data Model
Vertabelo Database Model with a Subject Area

   Vertabelo Data Model
Generic Events Data Model - Phase 1
We are validating our Generic Events Model in a Proof-of-Concept
(shown below) using Oracle's Apex Data-as-a-Service in the Clouds

Generic Events

Below we show our BI Layer with generic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Generic Events Data Model - Phase 2

Generic Events - Phase 2
I was staying in the London Syon Park Hilton Hotel when I
created this Model and I realised I needed to extend
the Data Model to handle this.
My solution was to add an 'Accommodation' Event Type to the Generic Events Entity.
I promised myself I would think about it over the next day or two.
Generic Events Data Model - Phase 3

Generic Events - Phase 3
On the way to Bicester Shopping Village, I realized I needed to include Queuing somewhere.
So I added it here, and reflected that it was a Generic Event Type.

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