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    Canonical Data Model
    Conceptual Data Model
    Conceptual Data Model for Oracle
    Conceptual Data Model
    Data Management and OSS Stacks Jan 11th.

    . data_mgt_and_oss_stack
    Dimensional Model

       Dimensional Model
    Conceptual Data Model
    On July 4th. 2016 I added Channels because we live in a Digital Age and Multi-Channel world.On December 10th. I added M-V-C.

    Conceptual Data Model PLATFORM
    Generic Data Platform

    Generic Data Platform
    ERwin ERD Logical Data Model

       ERwin Data Model
    Vertabelo Database Model with a Subject Area

       Vertabelo Data Model
    Generic Events Data Model - Phase 1

    Generic Events
    We are validating our Generic Events Model (shown on the left)
    in a Proof-of-Concept using Oracle's Apex Data-as-a-Service in the Clouds.
    Generic Events Data Model - Phase 2

    Generic Events - Phase 2
    I was staying in the London Syon Park Hilton Hotel when I
    created this Model and I realised I needed to extend
    the Data Model to handle this.
    My solution was to add an 'Accommodation' Event Type to the Generic Events Entity.
    I promised myself I would think about it over the next day or two.
    Generic Events Data Model - Phase 3

    Generic Events - Phase 3
    On the way to Bicester Shopping Village, I realized I needed to include Queuing somewhere.
    So I added it here, and reflected that it was a Generic Event Type.

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