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Data Model for the Big Data Tutorial   
An Access Database is available.

We would be glad to have your comments.

If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.
Wikipedia offers a very interesting article on Big Data

Here's a Spelthorne Business Competition.
Oracle's views on IoT and Unlocking new business Value and the Oracle IoT Home Page and Getting Started with IoT

Teradata Logical Data Warehouse
Includes Hadoop HDFS, NoSQL, YARN and so on in a Data Lake.


Business Conceptual Data Model

Business Conceptual Data Model

Logical Data Model

Logical Data Model for the ERwin big data tutorial

What is 'Smart' ?
To make our house 'Smart' we have decided that we need 'Rules'.
Therefore we need a Rules Engine !!!
Links and Commercial Products
1) On August 2015, a Report was released by Coldwell Banker Real Estate
entitled "Americans are ready for the Smart Home".
2) There was a very timely and interesting article on January 6th. 2016 in 'USA Today'
about smart beds entitled "This connected bed claims to help you sleep better".
It featured a bed called the the "Sleep Number IT Bed" , priced at $1,000.
3. LinuxVoice (UK) magazine had an article on 'Build a Linux Smart Home'.
4) The press reported on the appearance of "Smart mats" at CES from a UK Company called Smarter in Croydon.

These could be used to store ketchup or eggs and would tell you how much of each product was left.

Another Device was available that "hears" when the kettle is boiled or the microwave is finished and sends a phone alert.

The devices will be available in the summer of 2016 and cost about 80 or $100.
Interesting Links :-
  • Andrew Stafford-Clark of IBM was one of the pioneers of Home Automation in the UK.
  • Wikipedia has an interesting entry on Home Automation
  • The Wink Platform is described as a "Simpler Way to a Smarter Home".

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