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Data Model for a Basic Data Mart   
This is a widely-used Basic Data Mart showing the most common five Dimensions :-
  • Customer
  • Date
  • Geography
  • Payment Method
  • Product

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    Logical ERD Data Model for the Basic Data Mart
    Here we show a Performance Report that contains the fields in our Data Mart Facts Table.
    We can enhance this with a Mapping facility to translate, for example, 'Products' to 'Services'.

    Sample Performance Report
    Fact Date Customer Area Product Amount Volume Details
    1 Feb 1/07 Joseph Smith London Black Shoes $50 1 pair On Sale
    2 Feb 1/07 Josephine Smith London Red Dress $100 1 dress  
    3 Feb 1/07 Ray charles London Fishing Line $75 1  
    4 Feb 1/07 Aretha Franklin London Dress $75 1  
    5 Feb 1/07 Al Jareau London Men's Suit $500 1 Alterations
    6 Feb 1/07 James Brown London Dinner for 25 $1000 1 Waiter Svc

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    16th. June 2007

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