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Data Models for the Asset Mgt Platform Proof-of-Concept (POC)   
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This shows the Step involved in taking data from an Operational System, loading it into a Data Warehouse
and then into a Data Mart and finally send Alert messages to the CEO.

Step 9 Call to the CEO
This is the final step in this Scenario which is an Alert call to the CEO's Smartphone on the Golf Course

Step 8 User Scenario
This is an example of Damaged Baggage

Step 7 POC Data Marts
This Data Mart holds the data for our two KPIs in our POC (Proof-of-Concept)

Step 6 Layers in our POC Asset Management Platform

Step 5 Logical Data Model for comprehensive Data Warehouse

Step 5a - Test Data
Acquire and Load each Asset.
Step 4 - Asset Register Physical Data Model

Getting Started Physical Data Model for Asset Management
Step 3 - Asset Register Conceptual Data Model

Getting Started Conceptual Data Model for Asset Management
Step 3a - Test Data
Category - Crockery
Type - Dishes small,6 
          Dishes large, 6
Type - Plates small,6 
          Plates large, 6
Category - Cutlery
Type - Knife small,6 
          Fork small, 6
          Spoon, 6
Category - Glassware
Type - Glass small,6 
          Glass large, 6
Step 2 Conceptual version of Our Canonical Data Model

Canonical Data Model
Step 1 We start with the ERwin ERD version of our Canonical Data Model

ERwin Canonical Data Model

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