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Data Model for Airline Reservations   
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These Business Rules define the functional requirements which the Database must meet.

They form the basis for agreement between the User and the Database Designer and are
written in a form of structured English which is clear and unambiguous.
The Business Rules have been defined and are detailed here ...
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
  • An Airline Reservations System. B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :- B.1 Aircraft B.2 Aircraft Types B.3 Destinations B.4 Flights B.5 Itineraries B.6 Legs in a Flight B.7 Passengers B.8 Reservationss B.9 Seats B.10 Tickets B.11 Ticket Types B.12 Travel Class C. How are these THINGS_OF_INTEREST related ? C.1 A PASSENGER can have zero or many RESERVATIONS. c.2 A BOOKING can be for one and only one PASSENGER. c.3 A GROUP_RESERVATION can be for one or many PASSENGERS. C.4 Etc. E. Sample Data includes :- E.1 To be determined F. Typical Enquiries include :- F.1 Do we have two Seats together for Australia ? F.2 Show status report of all flights for one day and the avaibility of each seat, on each flight. F.3 Show a flight report that can be printed out for a single flight that shows passenger name, type of fares and totals for each class of travel. Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers November 20th. 2008

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