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Data Model for Agile  Oil Business   
An Access Database is available.

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If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

Agile Oil Business Data Model showing Subject Area Models

Conceptual Data Model for Agile Oil Business
Links to the Subject Area Models :-
Oil Business
  • Crude Oil Trading (In progress)
    1. Marketing Funnels
    2. Sales Lifecycle

  • Exploration & Production (In progress)
    1. Offshore Drilling Equipment
    2. Oil Companies
    3. Oil Production(In progress)
    4. Planning (In progress)

  • Financial Mgt (In progress)
    1. Financial Accounting (In progress)
    2. Management Accounting

  • Forecasting
    1. Demand Planning
    2. Management Accounting

  • HR Managment
    1. Payrolls
    2. Personnel Management (In progress)

  • Logistics & Shipments
    1. Forklift Truck Servicing
    2. Fuel Stock
    3. Oil Company Deliveries
    4. Inventory Management
    5. Transport Mgt (In progress)
    6. Vehicle Mgt (In progress)

    Oil Business Data Platform 
    contains :-
  • Transactions (Deals,etc)
  • Master Data (Clients, etc)
  • Reference Data (Account Types,etc)
  • A Phased migration to our Agile Oil Business Approach :-
    Step 1. Set-up Working Party with Sign-off approval
    Step 2. Agree Functional Areas in Phases
    Step 3. Design of the Enterprise Data Model
    Step 4. Agree design of the Data Warehouse
    Step 5. Talk to Users and agree Requirements
    Step 6. Design Data Marts based on Templates
    Step 7. Establish Data Governance Procedures
    Step 8. Prove Step-by-Step Functionality
    Step 9. Obtain Sign-off from approved Signatories

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    January 21st. 2018

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