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Data Model for Agile  Jas (Freight Forwarders)   
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If you are new to Data Models, this page of my new Tutorial will help you understand the Data Model.

Roles of Data Models :-
Conceptual Models are to explain the data and how it is related at a high level to Business Users and to
anybody looking for a quick and easy-to-understand explanation.
The Logical Models are at a lower level to explain things to Data Analysts.
Physical Models (where they exist) will be of interest to DBAs and Development staff.

Conceptual Data Model
Relevant Data Models on the Database Answers Web Site are available here :-
  • Freight Forwarders Enterprise Data Model
  • Freight Forwarders Data Mart
  • Logistics Enterprise Data Model
  • Logistics Dimensional Model
    You might be interested in in this Data Model for Container Shipping that I created a while ago.

  • Agile Enterprise Data Models for Freight Forwarders (Jaz)

    Conceptual Data Model for Agile Jas
    Jaz Generic Data Platform

    Conceptual Data Model for Agile Jas
    Conceptual Data Warehouse V.2

    Conceptual Data Model
    Conceptual Data Mart V.2

    Conceptual Data Mart

    Conceptual Data Model for Agile Jas
    Here is the Logical Data Mart Model

    Conceptual Data Model for Agile Jas

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