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Generic Data Model for Agents    
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One day I got to thinking about 'Agents' and how many different meanings the word can have.
Wikipedia told me there are many different interpretation of 'Agent' and the word can be used in
Law, Economics, SCience and Technology, Arts and Entertainment and other fields.
I chose one of Wikipedia's definitions for Agent in law, which was :-
'a person authorized to act on behalf of another to create
a (legal) relationship with a third party' as a good generic starting point

This Screenshot shows that the Agent, Bobby Caldwell, agreed a Contract with James Brown on 4th. July, 2017.

This is the Conceptual Data Model

Conceptual Agents Data Model
This is the Logical Data Model
for Tables in the the Proof-of-Concept.

Generic Agents Data Model

Barry Williams
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
July 12th. 2017

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