Data Models for an Insurance Platform 2020
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This is the first of the POC Cloud Services (all called 'Platform 2020')
  • Airport Management
  • Banking (maybe)
  • Retail Sales
  • Self-Service HR
  • Self-Service Insurance
  • Reservations and Payment

    1) KPIs will go here, for example, Total Sales by Policy Type.
    1) Self-Service Insurance Platform


    2) Insurance Dimensional Model

    Dimensional Data Model
    3) Logical Data Model (Jan 22nd)

    Logical Data Model - Jan 22nd
    Logical Data Model - Phase 1

    Logical Data Model - detailed
    4) Insurance FNOL Data Model (Conceptual)

    Insurance FNOL Data Model
    Physical Data Model (Physical - Phase 1 -Attributes)

    Physical Data Model
    5) Conceptual Data Model - Overview

    Conceptual Data Model
    Canonical Data Model for Insurance (Entities)

    Canonical Data Model
    6) Canonical Data Model (Conceptual)

    Canonical Data Model

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