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Data Model for the POC Projects   

Click here for the Specification of all Events for each Platform.
In the Logical Data Model we have a Circle symbol that shows an Inheritance Relationship we define a Parent Customer with a number of Children Customers.
Each of the Children inherits all the charactistics of the Parent and has some additional charactistics of its own.

On April 18th. I decided that the target for my POC was to complete 6 Cloud Services - Asset Management, Banking, Insurance, Logistics , Student Self-Service Registration
and UNGC - by the end of May in Microsoft Azure.

Conceptual Customers Data Model

Data Model for the POC Project
Logical Customers Data Model

Data Model for the POC Project
Conceptual version of Our Canonical Data Model

Canonical Data Model
Physical Data Model
Here we show how we implement Inheritance in a Relational Database.

Physical Data Model
Events Logical Data Model with Inheritance
Here we can see that each Sub-Type can have its own Attributes.

Our "Participants" ERwin Canonical Data Model
This is a little different from the Conceptual version

ERwin Canonical Data Model

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