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Data Model for the POC Projects   

Click here for the Specifications for POC Demo and all Events for each Platform.
I signed up for the Google Cloud Platform 12-month Free Trial (plus $300 voucher) on January 14th 2018.

On February 18th. I read an interesting supplement on Financial Services in the Sunday Times and finalised my Proof-of-Concept as Platforms for :-
1) AML, 2) Financial Services, 3) Logistics, 4) Payments, 5) Retail, 6) Reservations and 7) Supply Chains.

Conceptual Data Model
POC has the Platforms listed above.

POC Logical Data Model on Feb10th
Hear we show the 'White' Entities on the left.

Here are the Layers in the Data Architecture ...
POC has 'Go to Hair Salon, Pay, Make Reservation at Doctor' (Fin Svcs, Logistics, Retail, Student Reg).

Google SQL Logon Google MySQL Quickstart
'Hello, World'
POC Data Architecture Suppliers jan28th

Conceptual Data Model jan15th

Logical Data Model jan15th

POC Jan 14th. 2018

Phase 1 Master/Detail for Customers and Events
Phase 2 - CRUD for Customers and Events
Canonical Data Model
Adding Users and Services

Phase Timings as at Sept5th

Layers in Data Platform

New Phases 1 and 2
My next Step is to find an Application that I can build in Oracle's APEX that will provide Login and CRUD facilities.

Adding Users and Services

Phase Timings as at Sept5th
Phase 1 : Sept 17(Design) 26 (Build)
Phase 2 : Oct 6(Design) 13 (Build)
Phase 3 : Oct 20(Design) 30 (Build)
Layers in Data Platform

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
February 18th. 2018

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