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Data Model for the POC Projects   

Click here for the Specifications for POC Demo and all Events for each Platform.
I signed up for the Google Cloud Platform 12-month Free Trial (plus $300 voucher) on January 14th 2018.

On March 30th. I finalised my Proof-of-Concept Services to support User Scenarios like these shown below.
In Scenario A) The User records a (Reconciliation) Self Service Inventory of the Assets (the furniture) that he puts into storage.
In Scenario B) the User goes to a Retail Store where he uses his mobile to pay for a paper.
In Scenario C) the User signs up with an Agent for Entertainment and Recruitment

Phase 1 - Create Tables

CSV files have been created to create
these tables and load them with data.

Load Spreadsheet data
for these two tables.

Print Weekly Report

Phase 4 Proof of Concept

Complete Proof of Concept

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers Ltd.
London, England
March 28th. 2018

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