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Data Model for the Hotel POC Platform 
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The Area being Modelled is :- Facts for the POC for the Hotel Platform

My 'Entry-level test' is to be able to create a Table in an RDBMS Database from a Spreadsheet.
I have had to extend the completion date for my POC to Friday of next week - June 30th. 2017
Our 4 Candidates are (alphabetically) :-
  • Microsoft Power Apps and Common Data Model - Microsoft treat Partners with great respect but all documentation is clumsy and aimed at developers.
  • Oracle Apex - a great product but Oracle treats Partners with contempt and Apex does not work reliably. Today, Monday, I was unable to create a Table from a spreadsheet and I am responding to an Oracle request to generate an SQL Script to try to create a Table.
  • Outsystem 'Low-Code Platform' - It looks like a great product but very difficulat to get started.
  • ServiceNow 'Low-Code Platform' - It is a great product but the staff are all amateurs.

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