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  Data Migration is a key area

Some Background ...
At any time of the day or night, you can be sure that Data Migration is going on somewhere in the world.
Over the years, it has become a familiar area and cannot be considered 'Rocket Science'.
It consists of a series of standard Tasks, for which methods have been established.
There is a choice of Vendors offering a range of products to solve these problems. These typically are in the $250,000 price range which encouraged Microsoft to enter the areena. and offer Data Transformation Services,'DTS', which lowered the bar tremendously.
This, in turn, forced the big-ticket' vendors to emphasise the 'Enterprise' level of their offerings, and so Microsoft DTS became 'Departmental' and then we have the situation where small groups become familiar in DTS.
Sooner or later these two areas of activity have to be reconciled, which (Guess What !) creates work for us as Data Analysts - isn't life wonderful (sometimes) !!!

Microsoft with their Unified Dimensional Model,realises the importance of a Generalised Data Model to integrate data from various sources and help End-Users to get a 'Single View of the Truth' for BI and KPIs.

  Here is a series of Useful Links

These Links cover different Areas
Approach (General) Covers all Eventualities.
Approach (Simplified) Start here if you are a beginner.
Approach (User-Oriented) If you are a User, look at this Approach.
Data Cleansing. Also covers Tools to do the Job.
Data Conversion Tools. Lists a small selection of Tools.
Data Factory. Proposes the Concept of a Data Factory for discussion.
Data Integration. A short note from the early days of my Web Site,(2001).
Data Integrity. A discussion of the importance of Data Integrity in e-Business.
Data Integration Overview. A short overview of Data Integration.
Data Mapping Tools. A short note (which needs updating) from the early days,(2000).
Data Migration Tools. SwisSQL - looks good at $495.
Data Quality Tools. A more recent note listing a dozen Products.
Database Migration SQLWays from Ispirer.
DeDuping Products. Tools to identify duplicate records.
MetaData Repositories A look at some commercial MetaData Repositories.
Reverse Engineering Short account of my experiences, with a note from a vendor (MetaRecon).
Unified Dimensional Modelling Microsoft's recognition of the importance of a Generalised Data Model for BI and KPI.
Vendors of Data Integration Tools Listing of about twenty Products.

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