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Data Lineage Tools   
Here's a short, alphabetical list of some recommended Data Lineage Tools.

On April 8th. 2014 there was an interesting LinkedIn discussion on the topic of Tools for Data Lineage and Impact Analysis.

We have identified Vendor support for specific features that are frequently required in Data Lineage work :-
  • ADDRESS stands for Address Validation and Verification.
  • DE-DUPING is resolving duplicate names has its own page.
  • PROFILING stands for Profiling, for example, the range and counts of Date values.
  • SVOC stands for a "Single View of the Customer".

    If you have any specific recommendations or comments, please Email us

    Ab Initio Ab Initio         Has UK Office in Weybridge.
    Alex Alex Solutions         ALEX is a business focus information asset management platform, with built-in data lineage and impact analysis, integrated search, full-history tracking, and a host of built-in analytics and visualisations... all hosted in a cloud based architecture, supported by automated Metadata scanners.
    Analytixds Analytixds         A US/Indian organisation.
    Data Lineage Mindworks         Offers a Business Glossary, ETL Conversion, Impact Analysis and a live demo.
    DQ On Demand Uniserv (Germany)   Address   SVOC Offers an impressive range of features and White Papers
    IBM Ascential IBM Expensive Address Profiling SVOC  
    IBM InfoSphere Business Information Exchange IBM        
    IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench IBM        
    Informatica MetaData Manager (PDF download) Informatica Expensive Address Profiling SVOC The market leader in Data Integration
    Informatica On Demand Informatica Free Trial       When we tried the Free Trial (offered with Amazon) it didn't work out.
    Manta Manta Manta Flow Starts at $20,000 with 30 day free trial       A comprehensive range of facilities
    Microsoft SSIS Microsoft Affordable       SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services - is Microsoft's entry in the DQ arena
    Oracle DW Builder Oracle Free       OWB is FREE and installed with every 10g, 11g database, even with 12c it is free, but a separate install
    Thanks to Rafe for this update.
    Orion Governance Orion         A very good solution for technical lineage of structured assets (SQL, Reports, ETL, BigData Systems), that includes automatically associating business terms with Metadata Harvester.
    Solidatus         Details to be provided by Philip.
    Talend Talend Open Source   Profiling    
    Uniserv Uniserv (Germany)       SVOC Offers Partnership where you can integrate it with your own Website.

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