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  Data Dictionaries

There is a limited choice of Data Dictionaries available, and they are all rather expensive, (eg $250,000).

They are usually available as part of a larger ETL or Migration Product.

We use one we developed in-house, which is available on-demand.
We updated this page in May,2010 and discovered some pages have moved but prices were still difficult to find, which implies that most products are still expensive.
We hope all the links work for you, but if not, we would be very pleased if you could tell us about broken links you encounter, so that we can fix them.

  Here is my current List of Data Dictionaries, (please add your nominations)

Cognos ReportNet IBM About $250K Sold as a Reporting Solution, and Cognos says it "Delivers a single version of the truth".
Looks like it includes a Data Dictionary and extends it to include Reporting Standards and KPI definitions.
MetaStage Data Advantage Group ? Bill Inmon says "Data Advantage Group brings a fresh, modern perspective to the world of enterprise Meta Data Management".
OneData DataFoundation ? Comes with a Methodology.
Oracle CDD Oracle ? Provides a full range of data dictionary capabilities.
AllFusion Repository Computer Associates ? CA moves the pages around on their CA Website but this was OK last time we checked.
Predict Meristem ? From Meristem Systems Corporation, and geared to Adabas and Natural.
Rochade ASG About $250K "The Leading MetaData Repository" From ASG.
SuperUltimate New SuperUltimate Free Free (Open Source), but requires a lot of work to install, and seems to want you to instal Apache, PHP and MySQL.
I think we will wait until it's available in the Clouds ;-)

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