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Enjoy a Light-Bulb moment with us ...

Here are quotes from just two of the people that we have helped with our teaching ...
Microsoft said "your Models help people learn about databases." and T.K.Maxx said "I learned a great deal in a short time"
We offer a NEW Online Course in Data Modelling and Database Design - a Course presented by a Practitioner with a world-wide reputation for excellence, based on his huge library of over 1,500 Data Models.

It provides an excellent preparation for our new Certification and will definitely advance your career ;-0)
Our UNIQUE Approach incorporates actual Models from our Library of over 1,500 Models that we have created over the last 10 years.

During the Course, we guarantee to work with you to create a Data Model to meet your specific requirements !!!
The fee depends on your specific requirements and which topics you would like to learn.

The final choice of Topics will reflect the interests of the Students.

To register, please send us an Email to 'info(at)'.
We will develop three levels of Data Models for selected Industries that reflect the interests of the students.
1 Level 1 Primary Keys, Foreign Keys
    Inheritance, One-to-Many and Many-to-Many Relationships.
    Rabbit's Ears and Aesthetics
    Naming Things - 'Ontology' (Wikipedia)
    Some simple "Bang for the Buck" Models
    Commercial Web Sites
    How to Check the Quality of a Model
    Design a Database
    Types of Data Models
2 Level 2 Master Data Management
    Agile Enterprise Data Models
    Establishing User Requirements and Sign-Off
    'Invisible' Data Models
    Big Data
    Data Models and Data Architecture
    The Role of UML Class Diagrams
3 Level 3 Best Practice for Subject Area Models, Generic Data Models and Enterprise Data Models
    Design Patterns
    We solve your Problem !!!
    The Internet of Things
    MetaData Management, eg ASG Rochade ,Oracle and Safyr
    Modelling in the Clouds
    Data Modelling, Data Analysis and gathering Requirements
    Being a Professional Data Modeller
    Self-Service BI, which includes Publish and Subscribe with Event Alerts, and E-A-V
    Enterprise Data Models
    Integration with Data Architecture - Enterprise Data Models

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