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Happy Certified Student
Certification is a 'Good Thing'

Although it will not guarantee you a job, Certification does look good on the CV and it demonstrates a commitment to the subject.

Please Email us with your experiences, so that we can build up 'Best Practice' recommendations.
Here is a series of Useful Links
BrainBench Provides Online Tests for self-assessment, in IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and so on.
IBM Certification in DB2.
Certification Magazine "Certification" Magazine covers a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on Microsoft.
Elite Guides Covers a wide range of subjects.
NetQs Offers free sample Questions for Certification.
Oracle Software Practice Tests for Certification.
Oracle 'Thank You' for new Certification Intro Page.
Oracle Certification Home Page, including Oracle Learning Network.
Oracle Information on Oracle Certification.
SelfTest An excellent way of assessing your readiness for exams.
SmartCertify Online Courses in IBM, Microsoft and so on
Tutorials These can be very useful to get started.

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