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Certificate in Data Modeling Thanks to everybody who responded to my recent question about Gamification.

The overwhelming request was for some form of Certification that would give people an incentive and
something visible to reflect their accomplishments in Data Modeling.
Accordingly, I am pleased to announce our new Database Answers Certificate in Data Modeling.

And to help you prepare for Certification, we are offering a new course on Data Modeling by Example.

As regular visitors will know, this Site is popular all around the world.
Thousands of our Databases have been distributed globally.
Our Data Models are widely used in teaching, for example, at the UK's prestigious Cambridge University.
In addition, a selection of our Databases is made available with Microsoft SQL Server.

So you can see you will be in good company ;-0)
If you are keen to get started, you can download our new Tutorial that we have prepared especially.

If you have any questions, or you would like to sign-up, please email me.