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Careers in Data Migration
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Data Migration is an interesting option to being a DBA.
The demand for people with Data Migration expertise is growing as the Internet and e-Commerce forces many organisations to rationalise and integrate their Data Sources. The demand is highest for people with hands-on experience with specific vendor products.
The recommendation is to become a hands-on expert in a Data Migration Product for which there is sizeable demand.
Here are the Steps in the recommended Approach :-
1 Choose three from this page of Vendors of Data Migration Tools, perhaps supplemented by a look at Data Integration Products.
2 Go to or the Recruitment Site of your choice.
Enter the names of your top 3 Products after choosing your location, and assess the demand for each.
3 Approach your (maybe Top 3) chosen Vendors and go to their 'Partner Briefings' which are always free. Talk to the person in charge of Partner Relations, explain your situation and choose the one which gives you the most positive response.
All of these vendors offer training and maybe you will find some which is free. My favourites are Data Junction at the bottom end, and SeeBeyond at the top end.
4 Be flexible in what you demand, in order to get started. By which I mean, offer to work cheaply, or do some small projects on your own PC. You will probably be expected to have a laptop running Windows NT to give demonstrations. You might find you get into a kind of game with the vendor where they want you to pay more up-front, and you want to postpone payment until you can see some income from your new career.
Think of it as training for your future career as an independent Data Migration consultant.
5 Finally, please let me know how you get on.

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