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BMEWS Operations and BI 

Canonical Data Model

Customers Services Data Model

Retail Pie Chart

TK Maxx Sales Receipt

This Data Model is the basis for creation of a Cloud-based Database for our new generic BMEWS Service that anybody can use over the internet.
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    Here are some recommended sources of KPIs :-
  • KPI Library
  • Smart KPIs for Professional Services

  • Stacey Barr, the Performance Management Specialist.

    Heres's a book on Retail KPIs produced by Smart KPIS and marketed thru Amazon.

  • Best Practice for KPIs suggests :-
    Step 1. Obtain the views of senior management.
    Step 2. Agree first draft KPIs with appropriate Stakeholders
    Step 3. Make sure tha required data is available to produce the nominated KPIs
    Step 4. Check the Quality of the Data
    Step 5. Produce first draft KPI values
    Step 6. Repeat earlier Steps until User requirements are met.
    Step 7. Stabilise the situation at this point.
    Step 8. Build on the stable foundation.

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