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  Facilities in the BMEWS System

BMEWS stands for :- 
    'Best Practice Monitoring and Early Warning System'. 

It has tremendous potential in the Public sector because it links compliance with
'Best Practice' to corresponding expected levels of performance.

Here is a page defining the BMEWS Components.

BMEWS combines three separate functions
Each function could be sold and used separately, and the combination is uniquely powerful.
The Functions are :- 
1) Best Practice.
   This could start with HR Recruitment procedures and lead to Knowledge Management,
   where HR Managers could share their experiences. 

2) Performance Monitoring 
   This is based on Key Performance Indicators,(KPIs).
   The KPI values should be achieved if Best Practice is followed. 
   Dashboard applications, featuring traffic lights, are widely recognized as a very valuable and 
   'user-centric' technique for measuring the health of an Enterprise by delivering Key Performance 
    Information through a solution that provides management information on-demand.
3) Communities
   Users can join Communities, which can be related to their Roles and Job Descriptions.
   These, in turn, can be linked to Best Practice. 
   Therefore if an individual does his/her job correctly the appropriate KPIs should be achieved. 

   For instance,an HR Manager can linked to Recruitment Procedures, checking References, and so on. 
   This means, that for an HR Manager, if references are checked, then new Employees should be of good quality.   
   This can translate into KPIs of the number of new Employees who are stay for more than one year.

An Information Catalog is used to define all sources of Data and Information available within the organisation.
For instance, the Catalog could have an entry for HR Recruitment Procedures, or Governmenet Regulations, with 
links to the detailed documents.

Application 1. Compliance with Government Regulations 
A typical use could be a Local Council Sports Centre with a Swimming Pool. 
The UK Health and Safety Executive defines standards for the water in swimming pools, (eg levels of chlorine). 

These levels must be measured and reported on a daily basis. 

If they fall outside the required Threshold levels then the nominated responsible individual 
must be notified so that the appropriate action could be taken. 
This would be implemented using BMEWS as follows :- 
1) The Health and Safety Executive regulations would be stored as 
   Best Practice,(and then available for all Sports Centres in the area). 
2) The Swimming Pool attendant job description would 
   specify 'Measuring water quality every day' and entering the 
   results into the computer. 
3) The KPIs Performance monitoring would calculate the KPIs from 
   the raw data and then compare them against required Threshold 
   values, and alert the Operations Manager. 

Application 2. Evaluation of e-Learning
1) The learning material would be set up as Best Practice or Tutorials. 
2) Students would register as Users. 
3) They would take a Course and then take a test to determine whether they pass or fail. 
   The percentage passing or failing would be the KPI for the course. 
   If the actual percentage was outside the threshold values, then the Course 
   Director could be advised.

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