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BMEWS Cloud Services Proof-of-Concept Demonstrations 
Three Layer
Data Architecture
Three Level Ref Data Architecture

We have produced specifications for Cloud Services for these industrries -
  • Airports
  • Motor Trade (postponed)
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

    For the selected Industries, we have shown how our Canonical Data Model maps to the specific Industry,
    and how our 'BI on the Beach' Principle applies.

    For demonstrations, we are planning three steps :-
    1. To add a new Customer or Client, then run a query to show the new addition.
    2. To add the new record into the Data Warehouse, and show how the KPI is activated, and flashes in red
    when threshold is activated.
    3. Remove the new record so that we can repeat he demonstration.

    For example, for Professional Services, we add a new Client, with a budget of $500,000.
    Then we query the list of Clients tro show the new one.
    Then we trigger the addition of the record into the Data Warehouse.

    On the left, we show the three Layers we use from our Reference Data Architecture.

    This table shows links to the separate parts of the Specifications.

    Airport-in-a-Box Professional Services Retail Telecomms
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    Canonical ModelCanonical Model Canonical Model  
    BI on the Beach BI on the Beach BI on the Beach  

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