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BMEWS and BI in the Clouds for Retail Banking 

Man on the Beach for Retail Banking with Cell/Mobile Phone

An Alert is triggered ...
Phone Alarm

When a "spike" is detected ...
Cellphone ECG Monitor

As part for a Risk Dashboard ...
Risk Dashboard

For this demonstration, we have set up a KPI that triggers an Alert if the
Balance Amount is 10,000 or greater.

In this small set of Demonstration Data the last record would trigger an Alert to the designated mobile/cell phone.

The Demonstration has 4 Steps :-
Step 1. A User option to Click and load the last Record
Step 2. Display the red flashing record as it does right now.
Step 3. Automatically send an Alert to Barry's mobile - Robertson - is this straightforward ?
Step 4. A User option to Click and delete the record just loaded.

The Demonstration follows the design of our POC Cloud Reference Data Architecture.

And here are the Data Models.

Customer Name Account Number Balance Date Balance Amount
John Smith 123456 Jan-01-2014 1,000
John Smith 123456 Feb-01-2014 2,000
John Smith 123456 Mar-01-2014 3,000
John Smith 123456 Apr-01-2014 4,000
John Smith 123456 May-01-2014 5,000
John Smith 123456 Jun-01-2014 1,000,000

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