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BMEWS and BI in the Clouds for an Airport-in-a-Box 

BI on a Golf Course for an Airport-in-a-Box

An Alert is triggered ...
Phone Alarm

When a "spike" is detected ...
Cellphone ECG Monitor

As part of a Risk Dashboard ...
Risk Dashboard

For this demonstration, we have set up a KPI that triggers an Alert if the Landing Interval is 10 minutes or greater.

In this small set of Demonstration Data the last record would trigger an Alert to the designated mobile/cell phone.
This follows the design of our POC Cloud Reference Data Architecture.
The last record will trigger an Alert which is an email or message like this one to be sent to the CEO following
the 'management by exception' principle.

Rcd ID Flight Number Arrival Date+Time Landing
KPI Colour
1 BA1234 Dec 01 09:00 2 minutes Green
2 BA1235 Dec 01 09:02 2 minutes Green
3 BA1236 Dec 01 09:04 2 minutes Green
4 BA1237 Dec 01 09:06 2 minutes Green
5 BA1238 Dec 01 09:08 2 minutes Green
6 BA1239 Dec 01 09:18 10 minutes Red

Data Mart Design
The six data records shown above are stored    
in a table that looks like this :-

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