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BMEWS BI on the Beach Proof-of-Concept 
Man on Beach

Framework for Data Management

There are two images on the left-hand side.
The lower one shows that data comes from Data Sources through an Integrated Data Layer, into a Data Warehouse
and then Data Marts.

The upper image shows a man on a beach who has received an alert on his mobile / cell phone prompted by data
from the Data Mart telling him there is a situation that needs his situation.

He can then drill-down to the Data Mart and Data Warehouse looking for details.

This side of the page shows how different products can be used to implement this System.

  IBM Microsoft Oracle SAP
Platform ?   Azure Apex    
BI Layer   BI Stack Apex and BI Foundational Suite    
Data Marts   SSAS Apex    
Data Warehouse   Fast Track Data Warehouse Apex    
Integrated Data Layer   SSIS Apex   Jitterbit
Data Sources   SSIS Apex    

A Cloud is not the complete answer, only a necessary starting-point,
which makes it 'necessary but not sufficient'.

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