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Framework for Data Management

Key Performance Indicators ('KPIs') are an excellent start to defining a Strategy for Business Intelligence ('BI').

This Section discusses a POC for a KPI-based approach to BI.
It discusses 'What we need to develop so that we can go to market quickly'

The answer is a Generic Data Architecture that is shown on the left.
This includes Data Sources, an Integrated Data Platform, ETL, DWH and a BI Front-end.

  • Click here to see some simple KPIs for a Consulting company offering Professional Services with offices in London and Perth.

  • The POC for the Anglo-Australian Consulting Company includes specific KPIs that can be extended to a
    'Generic catalog' that will be used to generate standard reports to visualize charts,
    gauges and BSC that are incorporated in the Frontend.

  • A number of BI demos will be developed based on functionality that the Customer will relate to and appreciate.
    We are developing a Pilot for our 'Anglo-Australian Consulting Company'.
    We can look at implemenintg it in SAS and/or Oracle and/or Open Source.
    Then we can make it available to a variety of companies offering Professional Services - either in one country ot multiple countries.

  • Background reading on KPIs is available on the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Corporate Reporting Web Site

  • Click here for some suggested KPIs for Professional Services.

  • Best Practice for KPIs suggests :-
    Step 1. Obtain the views of senior management.
    Step 2. Agree first draft KPIs with appropriate Stakeholders
    Step 3. Make sure tha required data is available to produce the nominated KPIs
    Step 4. Check the Quality of the Data
    Step 5. Produce first draft KPI values
    Step 6. Repeat earlier Steps until User requirements are met.
    Step 7. Stabilise the situation at this point.
    Step 8. Build on the stable foundation.

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