Hi and Welcome to Barry's Black Music Family Tree ...

This Site is a showcase for my favourite Black Music singers and musicians.
The music reflects my own tastes, and includes artists I have liked since I first started listening to Black Music in England in the 70's.
I've chosen the artists that I consider to be the best at roughly 10-year intervals.
If you have any suggestions, or people that you think should be included, or any comments at all, I'd be glad to hear from you.
Here are some suggestions of places to visit, and some Radio Stations to listen to, which I added in July, 2006, after a gap of 6 years !!! New

The Saying of the Moment is :-
"Jangle when you Walk" (Satchel Paige, Baseball Player and Philosoper)


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1) Most of the Photos on this Site are taken from Album covers on Amazon.Com
2) All of the 30-second Samples link to the Amazon Web Site, except for a couple of difficult-to-find ones which link to CD Point.com.

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