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The Data Management Road Map 
  Here's how the Road Map would be implemented with IBM Cognos and Microsoft

Framework with 6 Stages
Numbers in brackets for IBM Cognos are page numbers in "Driving Business Optimization with trusted Information"
by Bill Wong, et al.

Data Governance

  Data Lineage - store in Glossary (51)
BI and Performance Rpts SSAS
Performance Blueprints(92)
(KPIs, Dashoards)
Data Marts Build Data Mart Dimension Models (46)
Data integration MDM
Single View Platform
MDM / InfoSphere Data Architect (36)
Universal Data Access Layer/Data Platform (80)
Rational Rose Data Modeler (84)
Data Sources SSIS Mapping Mashups (81)
Fast Track
Data Stage
Information Catalogue   Cognos Glossary (45)
InfoSphere MetaData WorkBench
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