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The Proof-of-Concept for the Future 
  Here's the Path to the Future of Ubiquitous Data

This is our Vision of Ubiquitous Data in the Future :-

Click for vision of Databases everywhere

This is the underlying Data Platform :-

Data Platform (Click for large image)

This is the kind of data that a typical Family will be interested in :-

3-D Streets
Microsoft has developed two interesting facilities :-
  • PivotViewer Data Visualisation Tool
  • Single View of the Government
    User Scenarios
    User Scenarios are a very powerful technique.
    In this case, let's imagine A typical Family planning to move to London.England.

    They would like to find good schools, compare crime statistics, hospitals, the price of houses and so on.

    Mashup Tools are very important and here's a very useful Review from ZDNet.

    Crime UK Crime Statistics Local Authority data Crime Mapping Tool
    News Guardian Newspaper Current Affairs, News and so on Data Store
    Social A wide range of useful data Applications
          Presto Mashups

  • This shows a BI approach, with Traffic Lights showing Red, Amber or Green depending on the situation.

    Traffic Lights (Red-Amber-Green)

    This shows the POC SOA Middleware Layer with an Enterprise Service Bus and so on.

    POC SOA Architecture (Click for separate Page)

    This shows a simpler version of the Architecture without Web Services and where the Enterprise Service Bus is optional.

    ESB Data Architecture (Click for separate Page)

    2. Commercial Activities
    Here is a number of relevant activities :-
    1. IBM Mashup Center
    2. IBM's Smarter Planet.
    3. Microsoft's Single View Government Platform
    4. Microsoft's RSS Feed
    5. UK Government Open Data Initiative
    (with the help of Tim Berners-Lee), includes Mashups.
    6. Jackbe Presto Mashups
    The underlying Data Model is shown on another page.

    Here is a Vision of the Future of Databases, and you can check out our Presentations.

    This Vision brings up some very interesting challenges, and this Proof-of-Concept explores them with the aim of building a State-of-the-Art demo.

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