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New Design for this Site
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Underwater in Fiji
Design Objectives
We are looking for :-
1) A Site which is quick to load.
2) Makes a striking impact.
3) Is easy to navigate.
4) Simple design, "not fussy" to look at.
5) Contains pictures to counter the unavoidable text.
6) Packages text in acceptable chunks.

And here's a good User Group - - enter 'please review my web site'
and a good designer - Webs Wonder.
and great-looking GUI Stuff tools.

List of Web Sites with Features that we Like
  • This Page - mix of Blue, the Menu bar and the picture in top right.
  • Our Home Page - Mix of dark and light blue, menu bar and picture in top-right.
  • BBC - simple, elegant and highly functional.
  • BitDesign for Giddy - good banner at the top, and menu bar
  • Corticon - good to look at and easy to navigate.
  • Best Practice Tutorials - just squatting here.
  • Ethelon light-blue background, menu bar and picture.
  • John Grindle - good to look at, with consistent 'metaphor' for navigation.
  • Motive blue, with Menu bar.
  • MusicNet Good blue overall effect, with a neat green-blue Banner.
  • Norlia Beautiful Banner, elegant design and simple navigation.
  • Yale University also blue, with picture.

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