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1) Our Reference Data Architecture

2) Our Cloud Services Architecture
Add Canonical Data Model

3) Our Top 6 Areas of Expertise
Index UCP

Stage 1) Our 5

Business Data Mode

Stage 2) Our DBA Consulting Services (August 20th)

Potential Partners :-
  • Blue Venn
  • Google
  • Primitive Logic
  • Segment

  • Comments on our DBA Consulting Services
    On the left we show the major Areas in our Consulting Services.
    Each of the coloured boxes is clickable.

    Our Unique Data Architecture

    Our Canonical Data Model

    Layered Platform Architecture

    Here we show our 5-year Plan

    Second Commentary
    Our Canonical Data Model offers a uniquely powerful way of
    combining an Master/Detail Design Pattern with a Customer / Event Table.

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