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1a) Consulting Services offered by Database Answers and Claygate Cloud Services
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1b) Here is our Cloud-based Procurement Platform

2a) Our Universal Design

2b) Example of our Univeral Design (see below)

A to Z

Customer Services (SVOT)

Our DBA Cloud Services Family Architecture
We use 'Industry Platforms' to adapt our Generic Design to each Industry

Phase 1 Conceptual Model

Appsheet Development Phases

Phase 3 Tables include :

Customer Data Platform, Data Warehouses, KPI and Drill-down,
Payment Engine and Reporting Services

Phase 2 Tables include :

Channels, Customers, Events, Industry Platforms, Locations, Login, Services, Suppliers,

Phase 1 Conceptual Model includes :
Customers and Inventory_Events.

Lean Start for DBA Cloud Services
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Customer Level
Senior Management - KPIs
Middle Management - Performance Mgt
Operational Managt- Operational Support Services

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